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Avocados from Mexico count with over 55% share of US market share for Hass avocados and the only source available year-round, improving your business is our business.

That’s why Avocados from Mexico continually invests in category management and research to provide the latest, most relevant insights to help drive the category.

As the reigning category leader, Avocados from Mexico is continually executing aggressive marketing programs that build brand momentum and consumer demand.
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Increase velocity and consumer demand at the retail level by applying best practices with Avocados from Mexico.

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Idyllic climate, varying elevations, abundant rain and nutrient-rich volcanic soil make Mexico the only place in the world where the Hass avocado trees naturally bloom four times a year. Conditions are so ideal that Mexico has become the number one avocado grower in the world, producing and selling an average of 2.6 billion pounds of avocados every year.
Better stock up on chips – that’s enough guacamole to entertain eight billion people!

Quality control is essential and, of course, meets international standards. Not only can every single Hass Avocado imported into the US from Mexico be sourced back to its original container, they’re all hand-picked and freshly shipped by packer.

In Mexico every day is Avocado season

September to May – Temporada (Normal Bloom)
May to June – Marzena (March Bloom)
June to August – Flor Loca (Crazy Flower)
July to September – Aventajada (Before Time)